Shively Publishes on Student Empowerment and Philanthropy

Posted on 1/20/2012 3:34:37 PM

Daniel Shively, a faculty member in the IUP Libraries, wrote an op-ed article on student empowerment and philanthropy that was published in the Indiana Gazette on January 20, 2012, page 6.

Shively notes that although college and university students do a great deal to improve conditions in society, in some ways they are insufficiently challenged to do so. He points out an easy way to involve them further, simply by connecting them with individuals who are always looking for worthy causes to support financially and who would welcome opinion and factual input by students. To make this possible would require little time on anyone’s part and no funds from the students themselves.

The article, “Putting Magic Years to Better Use,” may also be seen on the Gazette website.