Jenkins Receives Act 101 Funding

Posted on 1/9/2012 1:54:17 PM
Melvin Jenkins

The School of Graduate Studies and Research is pleased to announce that Professor Melvin Jenkins, director of the Department of Developmental Studies, received external funding totaling over $160,000 from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency for two research projects he’s conducting as part of the Higher Education Equal Opportunity Program, or Act 101 Program.

Jenkins was awarded $102,480 for “Act 101-2011/2012 Indiana Campus” and received $59,590 “Act 101-2011/2012 Punxsutawney Campus.”

The Higher Education Equal Opportunity Program, established by Act 101 of the Pennsylvania legislature in 1971, provides support services to undergraduates whose economic, educational, and cutural backgrounds might limit their success in achieving their higher education goals. Find out more about the Act 101 Program.