Looking for New Year’s Resolution Inspiration? Meet Nick and Sherri Yachup

Posted on 1/5/2012 4:28:25 PM

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions focused on health and fitness, but after a few weeks, we run out of gas. For some timely inspiration, we at the James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness would like to share the success story of Nick and Sherri Yachup, two fitness center members who decided to put health and fitness first—and stuck with it.

Nick works as a counselor, and Sherri works at the Bursar’s Office at IUP. They joined the fitness center in February 2011. Like most of us, they’d made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape and start feeling better about themselves.

Sherri and Nick Yachup Before

They try to come to the fitness center at least four times a week. Their regimen consists of elliptical, treadmill, weight training, and, when weather permits, walking the track.

Left and below: Before and after

Since joining the fitness center, Sherri has lost over 50 pounds! Nick has lost another 10 pounds in addition to the 100 pounds he’d lost the previous year. The benefits have been many. Sherri says she’s noticed a significant improvement in her strength and endurance even in performing small, daily tasks around the house, and both she and Nick have experienced a reduction of stress. Sherri has noticed that a good workout lowers her stress level after a tough day at work, and Nick has noticed that some medical issues he’d experienced over the past years have diminished as well.

Sherri and Nick Yachup After

By starting to work out and put their health first, Nick and Sherri have already added many years back onto their lives.

Nick and Sherri’s main motivation to push through and come to the fitness center every week is to never regain the weight they’ve lost. In addition, they enjoy the nice staff, good music, and great prices. Most important, they feel like they truly fit in at James G. Mill Fitness Center.

Sherri’s personal fitness goal is to lose another 40 to 50 pounds. Nick’s goal was to lower his weight to 300 pounds. Having reached this goal, Nick has set another: getting down to the weight he was in high school. He has only another 20 pounds to go!

What advice can Nick and Sherri give to people who want to raise their health and fitness levels?

“Don’t wait!” they say. “If you don’t feel good about yourself, don’t wait to try to fix it.”

Sherri adds that she now knows you can’t control your health just by dieting alone. They make working out a regular part of their healthy lifestyle.

We congratulate Nick and Sherri on their amazing accomplishments and wish them good luck with their future fitness goals!