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IUP Phonathon Going Strong

Posted on 1/28/2008 1:21:52 PM

Thank you to IUP’s amazing alumni, family and friends who have welcomed us into their home via the telephone! More than twenty students are employed as callers through the IUP Phonathon calling program this year and many of them are first time callers.   Working together as a strong and supportive team, these students are reaching out to IUP’s alumni, friends and family for their support of the Student Experience Fund, Dean’s Innovation Funds for each college, On-Stage programs, and much more. 

But this is not just a call for support.  This is an opportunity for all our alumni, family and friends to reconnect with IUP and the students who are enrolled today.  Student callers receive the gratifying experience of reaching out and connecting beyond the four walls of IUP through:
●  Listening to the alumni’s fondest memories of IUP;
●  Answering inquiries on how today’s students enjoy the newly renovated and constructed on-campus housing;
●  Enjoying casual conversation about past and current professors, the Crimson Hawk, athletics, and life today at IUP;
●  And, receiving valuable work experience that will benefit them throughout their career.

As of January 31, 2008, through the dedication and hands on work experience of IUP’s student phonathon callers and the partnering support of IUP’s alumni, friends and family, the IUP Phonathon has raised in gifts and pledges more than $335,000.  Thank you to the thousands of donors who have shared moments of their time and generous donations to help enhance the experiences of IUP students.  In addition, many of the donors have taken advantage of their employer’s matching gift opportunities. In many cases, these matches have doubled the size of their gift.  Matching gifts account for an additional $35,500 in donations through the IUP Phonathon efforts this year. 

While this is a fantastic start, currently only 5.28% of IUP alumni have made gifts to support IUP.  Our desire is to reach an alumni participation goal of 11% by June 30, 2008.  When this goal is reached, there will be a celebration in the phonathon calling room! 

We look forward to sharing exciting IUP updates with everyone and hope that you will consider this as an opportunity to support the student experience at IUP.