IUP to Participate in National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention

Posted on 12/7/2011 4:01:26 PM

In an effort to improve the practice of school psychology at a national level, the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) holds an annual spring convention. We are proud that several IUP students and faculty members are participating in the NASP convention this year!

The 2012 convention will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from February 21–24. NASP strives to deliver valuable information to school psychologists across the nation and improve practice for all school psychologists on a variety of topics.

This year’s conference will feature keynote speaker Diane Ravitch, who will be addressing how to reignite your passion for school psychology. This convention provides many opportunities, including the ability to connect with peers, experts, and legends, as well as gain valuable training and information regarding new and innovative strategies.

The NASP convention also provides many students and universities the opportunity to participate in presentations. These presentations allow convention attendees to examine various research projects that are going on around the nation and engage in conversation about important topics in the field.

The following IUP Educational and School Psychology students and faculty members will present at this years’ NASP convention in February:

  • “Targeting Cafeteria Behavior Problems Using a SWPBIS Model”
    Presenters: Jamison Drab, Dean Holtzman, Brittany Vignero, and Timothy Runge
  • “SWPBIS After Four Years: A Cohort Study”
    Presenters: Dean Holtzman, Jamison Drab, Brittany Vignero, and Timothy Runge
  • “Exploring the Utility of Standford-Binet Composite Scores for Evaluating Giftedness”
    Presenters: Felicia Kaas, Dean Holtzman, Brian Linaburg, Heather Wagner, and Mark McGowan
  • “Grade-level Differences of SWPBIS in an Elementary School”
    Presenters: Brittany Vignero, Dean Holtzman, Jamison Drab, and Timothy Runge
  • “Drill Down on Risk and Protective Domains for SWPBIS Schools”
    Presenters: Kevin O’Donnell, Timothy Runge, and Mark Staszkiewicz
  • “Implications of Using Age-Based Versus Grade-Based Norms in Grades K-12”
    Presenters: Jon Flynn, Courtney Kuncelman, Korinne Ankerbrand, Lynanne Black, and Mark McGowan
  • “CBT in Schools: Advancements in Promoting Emotional Well-Being in Children”
    Several presenters are included in this symposium, including Courtney McLaughlin.