New Book on Writing Centers Published by IUP Alumni

Posted on 12/1/2011 10:54:33 AM

A new book on writing centers, co-authored by two IUP alumni, has been published by Columbia University’s Teachers College Press. Drs. Dawn Fels and Jennifer Wells, graduates of IUP’s nationally-recognized doctoral program in Composition and TESOL, recently published The Successful High School Writing Center: Building the Best Program with Your Students. The book is also being released by the National Writing Project, UC Berkeley.

Dr. Dawn Fels teaches composition and directs the Writing Center at George Mason University. Dr. Jennifer Wells is the director of the Reading-Writing Center at Florida State University. According to composition scholar Dr. Richard Kent of the University of Maine, “The Successful High School Wtriting Center is a book that holds transformational power. It is an immediately useful book, yes, but also a critical collection imbued with theory-to-practice models that address our marginalized students and their teachers.”

Contributors to the book also include alumnus Dr. Kevin Dvorak, who teaches composition at Nova Southeastern University, and current doctoral student Andrew Jeter, who founded and directs the Literacy Center at Niles West High School in Skokie, Illinois. Dr. Ben Rafoth, IUP University Professor and director of the IUP Writing Center, and Drs. Fels and Wells co-authored the opening chapter of the book, “The Promise of Change with One-to-One Instruction.”

The book highlights the work of talented teachers and tutors who connect theory and practice with the lessons they learned from working with students in their high school writing centers. The authors offer innovative methods for secondary and post-secondary educators interested in adolescent literacy, English language learners, new literacies, writing center pedagogy and evaluation, embedded professional development, differentiated instruction, and cross-institutional collaboration.

Drs. Fels and Wells completed their dissertations under the supervision of Dr. Rafoth. Andrew Jeter is currently working on his dissertation, under the supervision of Dr. Rafoth.