Lauber Interviewed on Pittsburgh TV Show “Get Involved!”

Posted on 10/18/2011 8:51:16 AM

From October 19 to November 4, 2011, Dr. Erick Lauber, Communications Media faculty member at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, will be featured on PCTV’s popular show Get Involved! 

Hosted by Tom Baker of Baker Leadership, the show explores why getting involved is rewarding to both parties—the person getting involved and the group they’re getting involved with.

In the episode titled “Speaking of Success,” Dr. Lauber explains how his involvement in public speaking about Life Framing has allowed him to give back to the wider community by utilizing the Ph.D. in Applied Psychology he earned from the University of Michigan. He speaks on Life Framing, an approach to personal growth and development, to corporate and nonprofit leaders. It encourages individuals to step back, reframe their challenges, rescript their future, and take the leading role in both their professional and personal life stories.

Air times for Get Involved!