Rieg and Paquette Publish “Striving for the ‘Perfect’ Classroom Part II”

Posted on 10/5/2011 11:37:26 AM

Dr. Sue Rieg and Dr. Kelli Paquette have co-edited a new book called Striving for the “Perfect” Classroom Part II: Teacher’s Responsibilities Beyond Instruction and Assessment.

The chapter authors are Professional Studies in Education professors and doctoral students: Dr. Hanna Brewer, Dr. Susie Fello, Dr. Beatrice Fennimore, Ms. Joyce Henderson, Dr. Shirley Johnson, Dr. Deanna Laverick, Dr. Crystal Machado, Dr. Joseph Marcoline, and Ms. Laura Strong.

Part I, titled Striving for the “Perfect” Classroom: Instructional and Assessment Strategies to Meet the Needs of Today’s Diverse Learners (edited by Paquette and Rieg), was published in April 2010.