Two MBA Students Spend Summer in India

Posted on 10/4/2011 10:11:53 AM

Two IUP MBA students spent seven weeks of their summer in Bangalore, India.

MBA students Loic-Amin Rahmouni and Cynthia Cavero Avalos spent seven weeks studying in India at IUP’s partner institution Peoples Education Society. The partnership between PES and IUP is in its seventh year.

Avalos, a native of Peru, said she was excited to visit India because it has a different culture, though she admits to being worried about the language before her trip.

“I didn’t know most Indians speak good English,” she said. “I thought I would have a problem with the language, but I didn’t.”

Rahmouni, a native of France, has visited nine countries, including India, and said it was a new experience because it is a new culture.

“It’s really, really fun,” he said. “It was more than I expected. India is not like a country where everything’s the same. Each state has its own language. Each state has its own traditions.”

Loic-Amin Rahmouni and Cynthia Cavero Avalos in India

Both students said they wanted to stay longer so they could take in more of the country.

“We booked a tour and we drove by bus around,” he said. “We saw temples, the Taj Mahal, we learned a lot. In seven weeks you cannot know everything about India.”

Avalos and Rahmouni highly recommend students take the opportunity to study in Bangalore. The PES-IUP partnership also offers an opportunity for Indian MBA students to come to IUP and study after completing their first year in Bangalore. Students who are interested in studying in India should contact Dr. Prashanth Bharadwaj.

“More than 250 students have come to IUP from India as part of this program, and about fifty students from the U.S. have visited India,” Bharadwaj said. “Three dozen faculty members and administrators from IUP have also visited India. A number of lifelong friendships across continents, as well as research collaborations among faculty have resulted from this program. Overall, it is a win-win partnership for all stakeholders.”

—By Alycia King