Lowery Authors Chapter on Partnering with Parents

Posted on 9/1/2011 11:49:15 AM

Dr. John Wesley Lowery, Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education, has authored a chapter in a new book designed to address the social, educational, and moral concepts and concerns of student affairs work.

Addressed in this new book are the tensions between theory and practice, academic affairs and student affairs, and risk taking and failure. The book also addresses matters of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and spirituality.

Lowery’s chapter, “Purposefully Partnering with Parents,” deals with the often contentious issue of how colleges and universities should respond to overly involved parents. He examines the changing nature of the relationship between students and their parents and how institutions, students, and parents can work together to support student learning.

The book, Contested Issues in Student Affairs: Diverse Perspectives and Respectful Dialogue, is edited by Peter M. Magolda and Marcia B. Baxter Magolda and is available from Stylus Publishing.