Psychology’s Berman and McHugh Attend Child Protection Training

Posted on 8/30/2011 8:57:14 AM

Drs. Pearl Berman and Maureen McHugh, Department of Psychology, attended a Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) Training at Winona State University in July 2011.

As a team representing IUP, Berman and McHugh were accepted as participants at the training funded by a federal grant and held at the National Child Protection Training Center in Minnesota.

The National Child Protection Training Center , under the direction of Victor Veith, seeks to end child abuse in three generations, primarily through education and training.

The CAST workshop, which entailed four full days of instruction, enabled teams of educators to develop a curriculum in violence education at their home institutions.

Drs. Berman and McHugh each address issues of violence in their current courses.