Clark Coauthors Journal Article on Geologic History of California Coast Ranges

Posted on 8/5/2011 9:06:11 AM

Dr. Joseph Clark, professor emeritus of the Geoscience Department, and colleagues recently published an article on work to constrain the geologic history of the California Coast Ranges south of San Francisco.

Full Citation:

W.G. Ernst, Uwe C. Martens, R.J. McLaughlin, J.C. Clark, and Diane E. Moore, Zircon U-Pb age of the Pescadero felsite: A Late Cretaceous igneous event in the forearc, west-central California Coast Ranges, Geological Society of America Bulletin, July 2011, v. 123, p. 1497-1512, first published on February 11, 2011, doi:10.1130/B30270.1.  Abstract