Alumnus Feifer Twice Named School Psychologist of the Year

Posted on 7/21/2011 10:08:37 AM

In 2008, Dr. Steven Feifer, a graduate of the IUP doctoral program in School Psychology, was named Maryland’s School Psychologist of the Year. The following year (2009), he was honored by the National Association of School Psychologists as School Psychologist of the Year.

Dr. Feifer received his certification in school psychology from James Madison University and went on to complete his doctoral work at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2006. Dr. Feifer completed his dissertation, analyzing “Executive Functioning Skills in Male Students with Social-Emotional Disorders.” Since then, he has written six books on childhood learning disabilities. Most recently, he has coauthored a text with former IUP faculty member Gurmal Rattan, titled Emotional Disorders: A Neuropsychological, Psychopharmacological, and Educational Perspective.

Dr. Feifer currently resides in Frederick, Maryland, and serves as a school psychologist as well as course instructor for the American Board of School Neuropsychology neuropsychological training program. He is a nationally certified school psychologist and is a diplomat in School Neuropsychology.

Dr. Feifer is a nationally renowned speaker in the field of learning disabilities and is considered an expert in the field of school neuropsychology. He has spent his career bringing awareness of the role of cognitive functioning in childhood learning and emotional disabilities. He has developed and implemented assessment tools based on his studies of neuropsychology. Dr. Feifer is a highly popular speaker on these issues at workshops, seminars, and professional trainings.

Dr. Feifer has made and continues to make important contributions to the field of school psychology. IUP is proud to have helped him along his way to achieving such success.

Department of Educational and School Psychology