New Student Employment Service for 2011–2012

Posted on 7/21/2011 9:05:50 AM

The Career Development Center has created a new service for faculty and staff to use when seeking students for department/office employment.

You may still continue to advertise positions in the traditional manner through the Student Employment Center website, but, if you have hesitated in the past to advertise a position because of the large number of students who respond to a posting, you now have the option of pre-selecting students for interviews for jobs within your area.

Once students have filled out the Student Employment Application form, our office enters the information into an Excel database for faculty and staff to review, found at X:\Group Sharing\Student Employment Application Database\Student Employment Applications Summer 2011.xlsx.

After you have reviewed the Excel database of available students seeking employment, you can contact those students who fit the criteria you are requiring. Students also have the option of submitting a resume via e-mail attachment to our office, which is indicated on the database. The database will be updated frequently throughout the semester as students submit their information.

You can review the Student Employment Application form, where students are instructed that

The information entered will be kept on file for review by IUP staff and faculty should a student employment opportunity become available. Submitting this form does not guarantee employment, but is used to facilitate the process. The Career Development Center provides a referral service and makes no particular recommendations regarding employers or applicants.

If you hire a student that you have found through the Student Employment Center Application Form database, please inform our office at so that we may remove the student from the active job-seeking database.