Lord and Travis Publish Schoolyard Science Book

Posted on 6/13/2011 10:23:53 AM

Thomas Lord and Holly Travis, faculty members of IUP’s Biology Department, recently had their second book released. Schoolyard Science: 101 Easy and Inexpensive Activities was published by NSTA Press.

This book was written for science teachers at all levels. It includes practical and inexpensive activities intended to help students develop their observation and inquiry skills as well as an appreciation for the natural environment. The wide-ranging activities cover topics such as simple and complex plants, gardens, insects and other invertebrates, vertebrates, energy, how animals work, and Earth science.

The activities have been tested in many settings, including K–12 classrooms, youth camp programs, and science education classes in teacher preparation programs.

Their 2006 publication, Ferns and Fern Allies of Pennsylvania, is currently being distributed through Penn State Press.