In Memory of Ruth Spinelli

Posted on 5/12/2011 2:44:52 PM

Ruth E. Spinelli, 93, of Indiana, passed away Sunday, May 8, 2011, in Monroeville, Pa.

Mrs. Spinelli has always been a special part of the Department of Criminology and attended many of the graduation award ceremonies.

In this video from 2007, Mrs. Spinelli spoke at a reception after the departmental graduation ceremony. Attending were the first award beneficiary from 1974, Leonard A. Mihalich, along with many past award recipients. A scrapbook was created by the department using letters and photos sent in from previous award winners telling how the Spinelli award had affected their lives and careers. It was presented to Mrs. Spinelli.

The Gregory W. Spinelli Memorial Award was set up in 1974 in honor of Mrs. Spinelli’s son, Greg, who was fatally wounded while on duty as a Federal Bureau of Investigation officer. The award is given each year to a graduating student of high academic achievement. The award was first presented in 1974 and has been since for the past thirty-six years.

The faculty of the department will make a donation to the Spinelli Award fund in memory of Mrs. Spinelli.