Physics Club Hosts Physics Olympics to Close Out 2010–2011 Year

Posted on 5/6/2011 3:24:15 PM
Physics Olympics 2011

On April 15, 2011, the IUP Physics Club hosted a successful Physics Olympics for surrounding high schools.

Eleven high schools chose to participate in this year’s competition, which focused on four different events. Students competed over catapults, egg towers, mechanical surprise, and Physics Jeopardy! for monetary prizes.

Physics Olympics took place in the HUB, utilizing a number of rooms for the competition portions, and Pratt Auditorium was used for the opening and closing ceremonies. High schools that competed were allowed a maximum of two teams with five players each and provided their own travel to and from the event.

With help from the Admissions Office, the Physics Department was able to provide a free lunch to all competitors.

Dr. Mary Lou Zanich, dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, gave an entertaining welcoming speech, and Dr. Kenneth Hershman, retired Physics professor and former chairperson, closed the afternoon with the awards ceremony and closing speech.

Throughout the 2010–2011 school year, the Physics Club raised funds for the olympics by selling food and refreshments in Weyandt Hall on Fridays.

The Physics Department would like to extend its congratulations to the Physics Club; its president, Mark Regalla (senior, Physics B.S.); Garrett Boots, vice president (junior, Physics Education); Rachel Umbel, secretary (senior, Physics B.S.); and Jarhed Szalkowski, treasurer (sophomore, Physics B.S.) for a great finish to this academic school year!