IUP Students Participate at Meeting of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University of Biologists

Posted on 4/22/2011 9:32:02 AM

Six students from IUP’s Department of Biology participated in the forty-second annual meeting of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University of Biologists at California University of Pennsylvania on April 16, 2011.

Presenters from IUP included Zachary Ankney, Brennan Cebula, Timothy Herbold, Donald Miller, Joseph Reichard, and Joseph Rocco. There were approximately 140 individuals registered for the conference this year, and students from many of the SSHE schools presented fifteen platform talks and displayed forty-nine posters. Several IUP students won awards at the conference. These include:

  • Rocco, J.M., B. Cebula, and V.R. Irani, first-place poster: “Session IIb, Ecological and Organismal Biology for Effect of Mycobacterium avium Serovar-2 and Serovar-8 Specific Glycopeptidolipids on Modulation of Host Macrophage Immune Responses”
  • Ankney, Z.J. and Nealen, P.M., first-place poster: “Session Ia, Ecological and Organismal Biology for Influence of Body Posture on Pulmonary Flow Rates”
  • Miller, D.A. & P. M. Nealen, first-place poster: “Session Ib, Ecological and Organismal Biology for Anticipatory Physiological Changes Mediate Immediate Cardiovascular Demands at the Onset of Human Exercise”
  • Herbold, T.M., H.J. Travis and W. Waryck, second-place platform presentation: “Platform Presentation Session III: Secondary Education, Ecological and Organismal Biology, Cell/Molecular for High School Biology Analysis of Student Learning Using Various Forms of Pre and Post Assessments”