Farabaugh Presents Research on Carl McIntire and the Fairness Doctrine

Posted on 4/20/2011 3:40:01 PM

Pat Farabaugh, an assistant professor in the Journalism Department at IUP, discussed his recently published book, Carl McIntire and His Crusade Against the Fairness Doctrine, on March 30, 2011, in Stabley Library as part of IUP Libraries’ Breakfast-and-a-Book series.

Farabaugh’s presentation explored the story of Carl McIntire, a Philadelphia-area radio commentator, and his station, WXUR, and their role in the demise of the Fairness Doctrine.

WXUR is the only radio or television station in American history to be denied license renewal by the Federal Communications Commission as a direct result of violation of the FCC’s former fairness rules.

Farabaugh’s book was published by VDM Verlag in 2010.