Geoscience Students Present Research at Geological Society of America Regional Meeting

Posted on 3/20/2011 9:31:27 AM

Seven students from the Geoscience Department presented their research at the 2011 Northeastern/North-Central regional meeting of the Geological Society of America.

The meeting, in Pittsburgh this year, attracts geologists from around the region to present their research on a variety of geological topics.

Senior Ellen Lamont was selected to give an oral presentation, while the remainder were selected to present posters.

Links to Abstracts

  • Matthew Harding and J. Lewis, "Vein Structures and Faults in Core Samples from NantroSeize Expedition 315, Sites C0001 and C0002" (abstract)
  • Ellen Lamont, et al., "Transient Upper Crustal/Kinematic Compatibility Structure Illuminated by the Chi Chi Earthquake: Results from Strain Inversions in the Luliao Region, Taiwan" (abstract)
  • Anthony LeDonne and J. Lewis, "Fracture Orientations and Gamma Counts in Devonian Marcellus Shale Outcrops in the Valley and Ridge Province Adjacent to the Allegheny Front" (abstract)
  • Heather McGinnis, et al., "Temporal Analyses of Abandoned Mine Drainage Effects on Bear Run, Indiana County, PA" (abstract)
  • Daniel O'Hara, et al., "Strain Partitioning Offshore Southeast Taiwan: Evidence from Focal Mechanism Strain Inversions Near the Huatung Ridge" (abstract)
  • Dan Saftner, "Eolian Deposition Patterns in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean and the Paleoclimate of the Late Cenozoic" (abstract)
  • Mark Smith, et al., "Petrographic Characterization of Deformation Mechanisms and Kinematics in Post-Cleavage Faults Accommodating Differential Uplift of the Hsuehshan Range, Taiwan" (abstract)