Sitosky Family Sends Thanks for Support

Posted on 3/18/2011 10:53:23 AM

In December 2010, the Department of Special Education and Clinical Services asked members of the IUP community for donations for Jenna Sitosky, a Speech-Pathology graduate student who was seriously injured in a car accident.

The department is now sharing the following note of thanks from the Sitosky family to the IUP community:

We, the Sitosky family, would like to express our gratitude for all the support you have given us. The gifts, visits, and prayers have served to strengthen us as we assist Jenna in her recovery. Jenna has always been proud to be part of the IUP community. Your concern and generosity demonstrate how wonderful the IUP community really is.

Jenna is continuing to recover, and we know that the road will be long and difficult. We also know that Jenna is a strong, motivated young lady; and with the support system of family, friends, school, and community, she will be able to maximize her recovery. We believe that prayer has kept Jenna with us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for each and every prayer that has been offered up for her.

Our sincere thanks,

Dave, Janet, Luke, Derek, and Lauren Sitosky

Update on Jenna’s Recovery

We brought Jenna home from HealthSouth Harmarville on Friday, February 4, 2011.

She is doing outpatient rehab at IRMC four days a week. Physically, she is getting much stronger. Cognitively, she is recovering much more slowly since she is battling aphasia. Aphasia is a disorder in the use of language; that is, the way we express or comprehend ideas through words.

We are optimistic that, through speech therapy and continued prayers, Jenna will overcome this obstacle.