Save The Date: Take Back the Night, April 6

Posted on 2/24/2011 3:15:47 PM
Save The Date - April 6 - Take Back The Night March

Get ready to participate in one of the biggest marches at IUP, Take Back The Night, on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

We are hoping that you add this to your calendar. This is a great opportunity to volunteer. We need help in our work against violence!

Historically, women faced the anxiety of walking alone at night, and that is why Take Back the Night began. This is no longer just for women, as we know all people have experienced violence of some sort.

We will march through campus and parts of Indiana to show our support to victims of violence and to display our commitment to ending violence.

Join Us!

  • Wednesday, April 6, 2011
  • 8:00 p.m.
  • Courtyard behind the Suites on Maple–East and Delaney Hall
  • Rain or shine

What can you do to help?

  1. Contact and tell us that your organization wants to cosponsor.
  2. Your group will be listed as a cosponsor on our advertisements.
  3. Show up with as members as you can the night of the march.
  4. Make signs that show your group’s support and carry them at the march.

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