Lowery Featured Speaker at Association for Student Conduct

Posted on 2/10/2011 4:05:00 PM

Dr. John Wesley Lowery, associate professor of Student Affairs in Higher Education, presented a featured session at the 2011 Association for Student Conduct Administration’s annual conference with Carol Graves Holladay of Hurt, Norton & Associates.

Dr. Lowery’s presentation, which reviews the legislative and regulatory developments of the previous year impacting student conduct administration in higher education, has become a tradition at the conference over the past decade.

Dr. Lowery also presented on a current research project which examines parental notification policies for alcohol violations in American higher education. Dr. Lowery is collaborating with Dr. Maureen Wilson of Bowling Green State University on this research.

For more information on Dr Lowery’s presentations, please e-mail him at jlowery@iup.edu.