IUP Accepted as Partner in Chesapeake Cooperative Ecosystem Study Unit

Posted on 1/24/2011 8:57:17 AM

Faculty members from the Anthropology, Biology, Geography and Regional Planning, and Geoscience departments were notified in November 2010 that IUP has been accepted as a partner institution in the Chesapeake Watershed Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CWCESU).

The CWCESU is part of a national network developed to foster stewardship of the environment through collaborative research, technical assistance, and education that supports integrated ecosystem management of cultural, natural, and social resources.

Faculty members participating in the application included Drs. Beverly Chiarulli and Ben Ford, archaeologists from the Department of Anthropology; Drs. Tim Nuttle, Jeff Larkin, and Joseph Duchamp from the Department of Biology; Drs. Richard Hock and John Benhart from the Department of Geography and Regional Planning; and Dr. Yvonne Branan from the Department of Geoscience.

The CWCESU is a partnership among twenty-one universities and seven federal agency partners whose “members strive to understand and protect the natural and cultural resources of the region.”