Chacivity Awards Received by Student Affairs in Higher Education Students

Posted on 1/20/2011 3:06:16 PM

Three graduate students (Crystal Carlson, R. C. Stabile, and Chris Weiss) in the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education received a Chacivity Award for the Fall 2010 semester and will be recognized at the Chacivity Award and Volunteer Recognition Reception on April 20, 2011.

Chacivity Awards (abbreviated for character, civility, and integrity) are presented to students who exemplify behaviors that uplift the spirit of the IUP community through his or her contributions. More information appears below about each of these SAHE students and their contributions to the IUP community.

Crystal Carlson

Nominated by Christopher Weiss, Office of Housing and Residence Life

Crystal has displayed multiple acts of character, integrity, and civility. As a graduate residence director for OHRL, Crystal works with many student leaders in their roles as community assistants. One of her student leaders was displaying difficulty in performing the duties associated with his job. Crystal was able to work with the student to help him understand that he should be tested for a learning disability. The most impressive part is that she went about this discussion in such a positive way that the student agreed to get tested, worked proactively with her towards increasing his job performance, and even continued this discussion with his advisor for his role on the executive board of the Residence Hall Association. Additionally, Crystal has been an amazing resource to first-year graduate students in her master’s program. Crystal helped her peers with every step of her presentation, from creating an effective PowerPoint to proper citations on her handouts, and even as far as how to properly handle a tense group social dynamic. Due in large part to Crystal’s assistance, the first-year student received a very good grade on her presentation, and attributes all of her success to Crystal.

R. C. Stabile

Nominated by Julene Pinto-Dyczewski, Office of Housing and Residence Life

R. C. is highly involved with community service and the education of residents. He is the advisor for the Alternative Spring Break to New Orleans, and most recently originated and spearheaded the Only Love campaign that is now getting some national attention as a way to decrease acts of bullying. The student response to this campaign has been overwhelming. It’s led to outstanding conversations on the topic, and is a strong visual reminder that it’s just as easy to speak love—so why not abandon hateful comments? His involvement in these two projects, among others, has inspired students to originate more community service projects throughout his residence hall and on campus.

Christopher Weiss

Nominated by Julene Pinto-Dyczewski, Office of Housing and Residence Life, and R. C. Stabile, Office of Housing and Residence Life

Chris’ role as the advisor for the Residence Hall Association often calls upon him to teach and inspire students to “do the right thing” and/or “act in the interest of others.” Chris has been nothing short of exceptional in role modeling and challenging the students with whom he works. Specifically, he has managed several conflicts amongst groups within the organization, has helped to include and successfully incorporate the RHA at Punxsutawney into the Indiana campus fold, and offers weekly educational programs on ethics, involvement, etc., to RHA, which includes representatives from each of the residence halls. He also advises the National Residence Hall Honorary, which is responsible for several community service projects that directly contribute to the IUP and Indiana communities. Chris’ tenacity shines through as he indefatigably shares theories and suggestions that inspire students to take the high road and be active members of our community.