Safety Sciences Program Awarded Human Performance Grant

Posted on 1/5/2011 1:54:46 PM

Dr. Jan K. Wachter, of IUP’s Safety Sciences program, has been awarded a $99,000 one-year grant by the Alcoa Foundation to investigate worker engagement tools and models for improving human performance in the workplace.

Human performance improvement is an approach that can be used to anticipate and minimize human error during the performance of work. Human error has been associated with the majority of accidents and incidents occurring in the workplace.

The objective of this research activity is to develop a set of worker engagement tools that can be used by employees and work teams during work planning, work execution, and work review for anticipating, preventing, reducing, and detecting human errors, including identifying error-likely situations and latent errors attributable to organizational factors. A part of this investigation will look at relational tools designed to increase intrinsic worker motivation for effectively using these worker engagement tools.