These Biggest Losers are the Winners

Posted on 12/7/2010 11:06:31 AM
Biggest Loser Winners

Linda Flack and John Lewis are the winners of the fall 2010 Biggest Loser Contest!

Eight tedious weeks have gone by, and we’ve had many people walk through the doors of the James G. Mill Fitness Center in pursuit of their workout goals and wanting to say they are this semester’s Biggest Loser, but only two people end up with that privilege.

Linda and John battled it out against twenty-nine other contestants and came out on top. Pauline Geesey was right on the heels of Linda. Another contestant, Dave Lashinsky, lost over seventeen pounds in the eight-week program as well. (From left: Facility Manager Shaina Smith, female winner Linda Flack, male winner John Lewis, Adult Fitness Program Supervisor Greg Gillespie)

Both Linda and John received a fitness gift basket, which including a free one-year membership to the fitness center, a Co-op gift certificate, a Sheetz gift card, a pedometer, and some other fitness goodies. Congratulations to Linda and John for your hard work and commitment over the past eight weeks. You are our Biggest Loser winners!

Linda Flack is a faculty member in the PA/OSHA Consultation Program in the Safety Sciences Department and the ladies’ winner of the Biggest Loser. She lost a total of 3.4 pounds and 4.6 percent points of her body fat, for an 11 percent overall change. When asked about how it feels to be the winner of the Biggest Loser competition, she said it feels good to be able to prove that she can lose fat and gain muscle. Her daily workout routines were comprised of working out at least three times a week for about an hour—walking and running on the treadmill as well as resistance training. Her goal was to lose weight and gain muscle. She did not find it difficult to stay motivated during the contest because she had someone to work out with everyday. She said it is much easier having someone there with you and to be able to push one another on days you may feel not as motivated. The most enjoyable part of the contest was being educated on exercise in general. Being able to learn exercises that she can do at home was a great benefit to her. She praised the help of the fitness center staff, including the nutritionist assigned to her. Her advice to individuals trying to lose weight and get in shape is to simply just do it. Even on the days you do not want to, find the motivation within yourself to stay on track.

John Lewis is a faculty member in the Criminology Department and our men’s winner of the Biggest Loser. John lost 10.9 pounds and 4 percent of his body fat. This equals an 11.2 percent overall change. When asked how he feels about winning the contest, he responded by saying that winning was not his goal: completing the competition was his goal, and that part was an enjoyable experience. His workout routines included workouts at least five times a week from 5:30 to 7:00 every morning. He also paid close attention to what he was eating with the help of a nutritionist on campus. He found it somewhat difficult to stay motivated during the contest—not so much with the fitness end of things, but with the diet part in staying disciplined. John did not have a specific goal in mind when he joined, but mainly entered for the idea of competition. The most enjoyable part of the contest for him was finding out his actual body fat percentages and what he should be weighing. He stated that the fitness center staff was extremely helpful, as was the nutritionist. His advice to people trying to lose weight and stay in shape is to incorporate both diet and exercise. Do not rationalize skipping workouts or cheating on your diet, because it is very easy to cheat yourself in this respect.