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Indiana Police Say ROTC Cadet Saved Man’s Life

Posted on 11/30/2010 10:02:07 AM

Indiana Borough Police Chief William Sutton has recognized an Indiana University of Pennsylvania ROTC cadet for rendering assistance during a medical emergency in downtown Indiana.

The Veterans Day parade was about to begin on November 11, 2011, when Indiana officer Cpl. Wesley Hite was directed to a fifty-year-old man who had collapsed due to an unknown medical emergency in the 400 block of Philadelphia Street, according to a letter Sutton sent to Lt. Col. Harold Whiffen, the professor of military science at IUP. The man reportedly had no vital signs.

Sutton said Cadet Derek Lyons, an IUP junior from Pittsburgh, stepped forward without hesitation and began giving rescue breaths to the man while Hite started administering chest compressions. In a short time, the victim began breathing on his own again and was taken by ambulance to Indiana Regional Medical Center.

Sutton said in his letter that it was later learned that the man had suffered a seizure.

Because of medical privacy laws, no additional information was available from the hospital on the man’s condition, but police sources said the ill man recovered.

“Cadet Lyons’ performance brings forth a most positive image of himself as well as that of the organization he represents, the Army ROTC,” Sutton wrote in his letter.

Whiffen said that for his major role in the rescue, Lyons’ name was submitted for an ROTC medal.

Another ROTC cadet, Shannon Elkins, a senior from Indiana, also assisted at the scene of the medical emergency, Whiffen said.