Onyett to Present on Remote Observation of Student Teachers

Posted on 11/24/2010 9:28:44 AM

Lloyd Onyett, assistant dean for Technology in the College of Education and Educational Technology, will be giving a presentation on “Remote Observation of Student Teachers” at the Educause conference in Baltimore, Md., on January 13, 2011.

He will be discussing how IUP faculty members are utilizing Skype software, a webcam, and a wireless microphone to enable the observation of student teachers in their K-12 classrooms.. For less than $100, we are able to outfit a typical K-12 classroom to provide the capability of observing the student teachers and eliminating the travel time and the travel costs for our faculty. Student teacher feedback has been extremely positive, telling us that the system is less intrusive than the traditional faculty visit to the classrooms and is less distracting for the children in the classes as well. Student teachers can also be observed more frequently if needed.

Onyett will also be giving a presentation on “The Use of Virtual Worlds in Education” at the Educause conference. He will be explaining how IUP faculty members have been using Second Life and other virtual worlds to augment course material and provide opportunities for collaboration.