Fall into Fitness

Posted on 11/17/2010 1:05:01 PM

The James G. Mill Fitness Center in Zink Hall is ready to get you into shape before the 2010 holiday season!

What better way to shed those extra pounds before the holiday season than with an affordable membership at the fitness center? We will be offering 10 percent discounted memberships to the first twenty-five individuals who would like to become new members. We will also be giving out a gift for joining! Memberships include access to the facility and the pool, towel service, and locker service. The holidays are nearing, so we hope to see some new faces in the fitness center pursuing your fitness goals.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Facility Manager Shaina Smith at s.d.smith4@iup.edu or 724-357-6251, or stop into the Mill Fitness Center on the second floor in Zink Hall.

Our hours can be found online at the James G. Mill Fitness Center.

As a tribute to our dedicated members, the James G. Mill Fitness Center in is taking time to recognize some of our valued members.

These members have not only been an inspiration to us, but are an influential part of the community for the passion they portray in their commitment to physical health and wellness.

Carol Connell is a library faculty member at IUP. She is sixty-eight years old and has been a devoted member to the fitness center for a little over a year. She came to us after an unfortunate incident in where she had broken her upper arm. Dr. Richard Hsiao, director of the fitness center, suggested she utilize the fitness center to aid in her rehabilitation process while getting a little extra exercise. She has been coming regularly ever since, at least four to five days every week. Since beginning her membership at the fitness center about a year ago, Carol has lost nearly forty pounds! Her personal fitness goals are to continue to lose weight, to feel better, and to maintain her active lifestyle. The benefits she has experienced are feeling better, an increase in her self-esteem, and an enhanced appearance. When asked about how she finds the motivation to attend the fitness center on such a regular basis, Carol explained that it has just become part of her routine, and she is determined to keep losing more weight. Her experience with the James Mill Fitness Center has been a positive one. She has met a lot of new people, and she is continually impressed with the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff.

Jessica CrawfordJessica Crawford has been a member of the fitness center since July 2009. Her initial reason for beginning her membership with us was because of the atmosphere our facility possesses. The laid-back, personable atmosphere really appealed to her, as well as the lower number of student members as opposed to places like the HUB. She regularly attends the fitness center four days a week. Her personal fitness goals include increasing her running endurance and maintaining her current weight. The benefits she has experienced from attending the fitness center includes her body weight being maintained, and her overall health and endurance have increased as a result of her efforts. When asked about how she finds the motivation to attend the fitness center on such a regular basis, Jessica explained that it has become part of her daily routine that she takes time to plan around. She finds herself in a poor mood if she can’t find the time to work out. Her experience with the James Mill Fitness Center has been enjoyable. She has met some very nice people, and finds the relaxing atmosphere at the center very enjoyable.

Al NovelsAl Novels is the retired associate dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. He has been a dedicated member of the fitness center for over ten years! The initial reason he started coming to the fitness center was that he wanted to enhance his physical activity and find a release from the day-to-day office job that kept him at his desk for the majority of his day. He currently attends the fitness center between three and four days a week. His personal fitness goals are mainly to stay fit and to maintain his current weight. In doing this, it will also let him engage and indulge in some foods he otherwise would feel guilty about eating if he was not regularly working out. Al has lost about fifty pounds since beginning his membership at the gym. The benefits he has seen from attending the fitness center include the close relationships he’s fostered with friends and colleagues and maintaining his overall fitness. When asked about how he finds the motivation to attend the fitness center on such a regular basis, Al explained that if he does not work out he feels guilty and sluggish. Exercising helps him feel better and sleep better. His experience at the James Mill Fitness Center has been a very positive experience. He explained the fitness center as a “well-kept secret” because of the laid-back atmosphere, the professionalism and quality of the staff, and the unbeatable prices. He stated that the establishment of this fitness center is one of the best things that has happened to him at IUP, giving him the opportunity improve his overall health and wellness.