Women’s Studies Offers Diverse Spring Course Options

Posted on 11/4/2010 1:33:18 PM

If you have or are planning to take any of the courses listed below, you may be interested in a Women’s Studies minor. If you are already a Women’s Studies minor and are looking for classes to fill the course requirements, all of these courses are eligible.

For a list of sections, please visit Women’s Studies Courses or refer to the schedule of classes listed on URSA.

Subject Course Title
ANTH 350 Anthropology of Women
COMM 325 Women in the Media
CRIM 450 Women and Crime
ENGL 336 Language, Gender, and Society
HIST 369 Women in America
HIST 402 Topics in European History: History of the Medieval and Early Modern Body
LBST 499 Bonnie Yank and Jennie Reb: Discovering Women in the American Civil War
LBST 499 Goddesses, Artists, and Women Warriors: Asian American and Asian Diasporic Women's Literature
PSYC 411  Psychology of Women
RLST 481 Special Topic: Feminist Theology
RLST 485 Selected Topics in Feminist Studies of Religion
SOC 363 Sociology of Gender
WMST 200 Intro to Women's Studies


If you have any questions regarding the Women’s Studies minor, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 724-357-4753, stop by our office in Stabley Library, Room 103, or explore the Women's Studies website.