Observation of English Language Teaching Course Offered in Spring 2011

Posted on 11/2/2010 1:54:08 PM

Dr. Gloria Park shares the course information for ENGL 694: Observation of (English Language) Teaching, to be offered in Spring 2011.

In this course, students will have opportunities (1) to understand the theoretical principles that underscore approaches to (English language) teaching; (2) to gain skills in describing, analyzing, and interpreting teaching through observation, tutoring (both individual and group), and peer teaching; (3)  to understand how observation as well as teaching can be used to gain awareness of our teaching beliefs and practices and the way we talk about teaching; and (4) to gain insight into what “good teaching” means, and to obtain the skills necessary to be comfortable in their teaching roles.

Students preparing to be teachers in the Masters of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MATESOL) learn to be reflective, to develop a broad repertoire of teaching skills, to develop sound relationships with culturally and linguistically diverse students and colleagues, and to base their teaching practice on sound theory and research. We believe that effective English as a second/foreign language educators need to draw upon many types of knowledge, including:

  1. knowledge of curriculum (KC)
  2. knowledge of learners (KL)
  3. knowledge of subject matter (KSM)
  4. knowledge of educational goals and assessment (KEGA)
  5. knowledge of social contexts (KSC)
  6. knowledge of pedagogy (KP)

The reading list for this course will be available shortly.

Department of English