Foundational Text Course Offered in Spring 2011

Posted on 10/26/2010 1:24:05 PM

For Spring 2011, Dr. Lynn Alvine, Department of English, will be teaching ENGL 846: Advanced Seminar in Literacy. This class will explore the foundational texts used and referenced throughout the Composition and TESOL program.

Course Description:

ENGL 846: Advanced Seminar in Literacy – Foundational Texts

Have you ever sat in a class and nodded your head when a fellow student or a professor made reference to text you know about but have not really read. Perhaps you said to yourself, ‘Gee, I hear about this scholar’s work all of the time; I really should read that book.” Then the time goes by and other assignments or class preparations absorb all of the time and the next time you hear a reference to the same scholar, you think “Wow, I never did get that read.” Students who enroll in ENGL 846: Advanced Seminar in Literacy – Foundational Texts will read and discuss texts that may be referenced, but typically may not be assigned in courses. We will focus on the writings of important thinkers who have made significant contributions to both theory and practice in teaching writing. We will read and discuss key essays and/or books (foundational texts) of some the following important thinkers: Mikhail Bakhtin, Ann Berthoff, James Britton, Kenneth Burke, John Dewey, Peter Elbow, Janet Emig, Paulo Friere, Donald Graves, Patrick Hartwell, Shirley Brice Heath, Suzanne Langer, Ken Macrorie, Nancy Martin, James Moffett, Donald Murray, Michael Polanyi, Mina Shaughnessey, and Lev Vygotsky. We may also read more contemporary ‘classics’ such as works by Richard Rodriquez, Mike Rose, and Victor Villanueva. Perhaps we will identify additional foundational texts to explore as we move through the semester together. I will invite those enrolling in the course to communicate with me about our intentions for learning together so that I can create a syllabus that works well for all of us.