Doctoral Candidate Keeps Cyberspace Safe

Posted on 10/25/2010 6:35:04 PM

Carol M. Walker, a doctoral candidate in Communications Media and Instructional Technology at IUP and adjunct professor at NCC, is passionate about Internet safety and is committed to helping teenagers and young adults maintain a safe cyberspace experience.

As director of Media Services at Moravian Academy, Walker provided Internet safety training to middle school students, including information on how to prevent and deal with cyberbullying. That concern led to Walker’s research “An Exploratory Study of Cyberbullying with Undergraduate University Students” (in press, TechTrends), a survey-based study of 120 undergraduate students.

Walker will be presenting the results at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology Conference in California on October 27. In addition, Walker presented an article, “Cyberbullying: Gender, Culture, and the Role of Adults,” at the Laurel Highlands Communication Conference in September 2010.

Walker said that cyberbullying is an increasing trend that needs to be curtailed.

“The deaths of teens and young adults caused by cyberbullying is heartbreaking,” Walker said. “It is so important that we, as adults, understand and work to stop it before more individuals are harmed.”

For more information about cyberbullying or Walker’s ongoing research, contact her at To learn more about the Communications Media and Instructional Technology doctoral program at IUP, contact coordinator Dr. Gail Wilson at