COBSAC Hosts Student Organization Fair

Posted on 10/14/2010 11:42:47 AM

Student Organization FairThe College of Business Student Advisory Council (COBSAC) held a Student Organization Fair from on September 21–22, 2010, in the Eberly atrium. The event helped students learn about the organizations.

The student organizations are Association for MIS, Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Finance Association, Graduate Business Student Association, International Business Association, Management Association/Delta Epsilon Chi, Phi Beta Lambda, Phi Gamma Nu, Pi Omega Pi, Society for Human Resources Management, Student Accounting Association, Student Managed Investment Portfolio, Student Marketing Association, and Student Technology Association.

COBSAC looked to expand its organizations’ membership at the fair, said COBSAC president D. Ross Saunders (senior, Finance and Economics). “Many organizations had a lot of interest,” he said. “I hope to see this turn into more membership for each organization. Students who may have missed the fair can still join later in the semester.”

Joining an organization is both an opportunity to make friends and to build an attractive résumé for future employers, said Kristy Stewart, a junior Operations Management major. She is both a transfer student and a nontraditional student, and knows from experience that student organizations can be a powerful résumé builder. “I’ve been out in the business world,” she said. “So I know this is valuable to employers.”

“It shows that you can do more than study,” said Bryan Wolst, a senior Management major and member of Phi Gamma Nu (PGN). Belonging to an organization or two may also give students an edge in the interview process, he said. “I think employers are going to favor someone that has a lower GPA but is involved, over someone who has a high GPA and is not.”

Steffi Susan Mathew, an MBA student, signed up for the Student Internship and Career Association. She wants to do a Spring marketing internship, she said, but is unsure how to choose one. She thinks that guidance from the organization will help her gain the job experience she lacks. “When you have an internship, you have work experience,” she said. “Companies look at that. They won’t take people who don’t have experience.”

COBSAC hoped to reach business college students, especially freshmen, who want to meet people and build their resumes, said Steve Wainwright, the organization’s vice president. Wainwright, a senior BTST major, was fortunate to have made a few connections before college. Now he wants to help others make those same connections. “Networking is a key part of success at college,” he said.