Students, Coles visit Pennsylvania Telescopes

Posted on 10/13/2010 4:32:54 PM

Dr. Ken Coles, Department of Geoscience, and students from the Planetary Geology course recently visited two astronomical observatories near Pittsburgh.

Students from the Planetary Geology course (GEOS 341) visited the Wagman Observatory near Russellton and the Mingo Park Observatory near Finleyville in September 2010. Students in this class are majors in Earth and Space Science Education and/or other science majors.

The observatories, operated by the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh, contain telescopes ranging from a 24-inch research-grade reflector to a historic 11-inch refractor originally commissioned by Andrew Carnegie.

The students enjoyed views of Jupiter, the Moon, galaxies, and other deep space objects as part of their coursework.