Academic Job Search Workshops Offered by English Department

Posted on 10/5/2010 11:46:26 AM

As part of his volunteering services, Dr. Lingyan Yang, associate professor of English, is offering a series of five workshops on academic job searches in the Fall 2010 semester, from Wednesday, October 6, to mid-November.

The series is titled “Surviving and Succeeding in the National Academic Job Market: A Series of Five Workshops on Professionalization.”

The five topics include an overview of the job search cycle, writing CV and application letters, dos and don’ts of phone/MLA and campus interviews, how to publish, a mock chair’s interview, and a mock phone/MLA interview.

The job search workshops are for all graduate students in both the Literature and Criticism and the Composition and TESOL programs, as well as for all temporary faculty members, who have just finished the dissertation, or who are writing the dissertation, or who are preparing for comps and proposal, or who are still taking courses at any stage of the graduate program.

The workshops might be most useful for those senior doctoral students who are searching for jobs this year, or who are about to very soon. Please advertise the workshops to all of those graduate students and temporary faculty members whom you teach, whom you know, or whom you think might be interested in them.

“I am grateful for the generous support from our English Department, Graduate English Program in Literature and Criticism, and from EGO,” Dr. Yang said. He added, “We are most grateful for the following wonderful faculty guest speakers, who will dazzle the graduate students. Dr. Gail Berlin will offer a mock chair’s interview in Workshop 5 in mid-November, the first in the history of our department’s training of grad students’ job search skills. Dr. David Downing will join me to share dos and don’ts of phone/MLA and campus interviews in Workshop 3. Dr. David Hanauer will be our solo speaker on how to publish in Workshop 4 in early November. Drs. Todd Thompson and Gloria Park will join me to offer tips on writing CV and cover letters in Workshop 2. Both of them have donated their glowing CVs.”