Pavloski Publishes Lead Article in Gestalt Theory

Posted on 10/5/2010 7:41:01 AM

Dr. Raymond Pavloski recently published a paper entitled “Searching for a Neural Isomorph of the Perceptual Gestalt: From Cortical Currents to Hidden Patterns in the Dynamics of Recurrent Neural Networks” in the multidisciplinary journal Gestalt Theory.

This paper describes neural network models and computer simulations of those models that Dr. Pavloski has devised in order to study how the visual system produces hidden patterns having structural and dynamic properties that match those of perceptual experience.

An introduction to the article, written in German by Dr. Hellmuth Metz-Göckel, board director of the Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications, appeared in the same issue. Dr. Metz-Göckel indicated that he prepared this introduction because the contents of the paper were unfamiliar to many of the journal’s readers and “. . . at the same time theoretically very important.”

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