Counseling Faculty Present on Creating Admissions Processes and on Disabilities Specific Training

Posted on 9/30/2010 2:14:58 PM

Dr. Michelle Bruno, Dr. Claire Dandeneau, and Dr. Laura Marshak of the Counseling Department presented “Leading by Example: A Journey to Create Equitable, Inclusive, and Rigorous Admissions Processes” at the 2010 North Atlantic Regional Association for Counselor Education and Supervision conference, held in New Jersey.

This program presented an opportunity to discuss admissions processes with a focus on student equity. We shared our journey in search of a process that enables advocacy for all students, enhances social justice, and upholds rigorous standards. The journey began with a review of the literature and culminated with the delivery of a revised multiple-tiered admissions process.

At the same conference, Marshak and Dandeneau presented “Inclusive Counselor Education Programs: The Need and Importance of Disabilities Specific Training.” This presentation engaged participants in a reflective and active discussion of how school counselor and mental health counselor training programs include issues surrounding individuals with disabilities.