Minor in Elementary and Middle-Level Mathematics

Students work with shapes with a student teacher

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The minor consists of 18 credits in elementary and middle-level mathematics education. The minor may offer additional preparation for the teaching of elementary and middle mathematics. This minor does not lead to certification and is not open to students majoring in the Middle-Level Education 4-8 Mathematics Specialization.

  • Elementary education graduates who emphasize mathematics are highly desirable applicants for teaching positions in many school districts.
  • Acquire the content and pedagogy to teach math at the elementary and middle school levels.

Required Courses

MATH 151: Elements of Mathematics I
MATH 152: Elements of Mathematics II (3 credits)
MATH 456: Geometry for Mathematics Instruction (3 credits)
MATH 471: Algebra for Mathematics Instruction (3 credits)

Controlled Electives

Six credits from the following:

MATH 153: Elements of Algebra (3 credits)
MATH 317: Probability and Statistics for Mathematics Instruction (3 credits)
MATH 420: Patterns and Functions for Elementary/Middle-Level Teachers (3 credits)
MATH 457: Number Theory for Mathematics Instruction (3 credits)
MATH 458: Logic and Logical Games for Elementary/Middle-Level Teachers (3 credits)
MATH 459: Technology in Elementary/Middle-Level Mathematics Instruction (3 credits)
MATH 461: Discrete Mathematics for Mathematics Instruction (3 credits)