Minor in Applied Statistics

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Required Courses May Fulfill Part of Minor

The minor in applied statistics, consisting of 18 credits, may be of interest to students who are required to take a calculus course and a course in probability and statistics. This includes, but is not limited to, students with majors in business, safety sciences, or computer science.

A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in MATH courses is required for a minor in mathematics or applied statistics. The department will not certify a minor for a transfer student unless at least two of the courses counting for the minor have been completed in the Mathematics Department.

Minor-Applied Statistics (18 credits)

Required Courses: 9 credits

  • MATH 214 or 216 or 217
  • MATH 411
  • MATH 412

Controlled Electives: 9 credits

Select from the following:

MATH 115 or 121 or 125, 363, 364, CRIM 306, QBUS 215, ECON 356, PSYC 290, PSYC 291, or any statistics or quantitative methods course approved by the Applied Statistics adviser

Students majoring in mathematics cannot select MATH 115, 121, or 125 as a controlled elective.