Mathematics Education, Mathematics, BSEd

A student teacher teaches in the classroom YOU'LL LEARN HOW TO TO LEAD A CLASSROOM You'll expand your knowledge of math while gaining new expertise in the art of teaching. Our program includes pre-student-teaching experiences to get you ready to make an outstanding impression during student teaching.

Prepare the Next Generation of Mathematicians

The United States needs mathematics teachers, and good ones are in high demand.

The math teacher education program at IUP is highly regarded throughout Pennsylvania and the region and has an enviable track record of graduating mathematics teachers who have excelled in their profession.

BSEd in Mathematics Education

  • Expand your mastery of mathematics.
  • Develop the skills needed to earn teaching certification for mathematics in grades 7-12 or grades 4-8.
  • At the secondary level, take content classes such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Introduction to Mathematical Proofs, and History of Mathematics
  • Take courses in mathematics instruction, including Number Theory, Geometry, and Technology.
  • Fulfill your core curriculum requirement for the College of Education.
  • Your course of study includes two student teaching clinical experiences and culminates in a full semester of student teaching, your first true experience as a math teacher.