Languages and Systems, Computer Science, BS

Gain a Thorough Understanding for Highly Technical Careers

Prepare for graduate studies or for very technical positions working with operating systems, compilers, integrated development environments, and other system software.

Students are required to take a course in which they put to practical use what they have learned.

This may be accomplished using team projects in a single three-credit course, but we encourage students to consider taking a six- to eight-month paid internship to get the true flavor of applying their computing knowledge to industry.

Students are also required to take a minor in mathematics and take multiple senior-level computer science courses.

The Language and Systems track is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Enrollment and Graduation Statistics

Accredited by the ABET Computing Accreditation Commission

The Languages and Systems track currently has 41 students enrolled in the program. In 2015, ten (10) students completed the program received their BS degree in Computer Science in the Languages and Systems Track.