Human Resource Management, BS

Jason Wendel "Eberly accelerated my development and career trajectory faster than I ever imagined possible. My success at IUP aligns with the most successful companies in the world; they prioritize their people first. Eberly is special to me because of its "student first" culture, blended with globally renowned faculty and curriculum. These four years afforded me a transformational opportunity to learn about businesses' most valuable resourcepeople!"
Jason Wendel, BS Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management, enrolled in the MBA program

Be a Key Factor in a Company's Success

Employees can be the deciding factor in a business's success. In the same way, your education can be the deciding factor in your success. As a human resources management major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you'll receive an outstanding education on which to build a successful career.

Become Well-Rounded in Business, Specializing in HR

Among the classes you'll take are Accounting Principles I and II, Legal Environment of Business, Business Policy, Principles of Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Labor Economics, and Compensation Management.

Gain Expertise in Job Design, Staffing, Training, and Compensation

At IUP, you'll learn both the theoretical and applied aspects of this field. You'll gain expertise in such areas as job design, staffing, training, compensation, and performance appraisal.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management degree prepares you for a career in the areas listed above. Human resources managers find job opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

Human Resource Management Graduates will be Professionally Competent in the Following Areas:

Process Knowledge

After successfully completing the degree in Human Resource Management, the student will be able to be knowledgeable of the Human Resource Management process.

Compensation Standards

After successfully completing the degree in Human Resource Management, the student will be aware of the role of compensation as a major HR function, and the concepts of internal equity and external competitiveness in compensation. Students should also be knowledgeable of legal compliance in compensation with special reference to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Equal Pay Act.

Training and Development

After successfully completing the degree in Human Resource Management, the student will be knowledgeable of the differences between training and development and to understand a systematic training model which begins with the importance of conducting a training needs assessment prior to the design and implementation of a training, followed by evaluation of effectiveness of training.