Undergraduate Program in LGBTQ Studies

Requirements for Minor in LGBTQ Studies

Students must complete 18 credits from the following courses to earn a minor in LGBTQ Studies. The program is interdisciplinary, and students are encouraged to take course that reflect their own interests and career goals.

Required Course:

LGBT 200: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies

Controlled Electives:

Select five from the following list. At least two must be 300-level or higher:

ANTH 350: Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 352: Anthropology of Human Rights

CDFR 224: Marriage and Family Relations

CDFR 323: Family Issues

ENGL 350: Gender and Sexual Orientation in Literature, Theory and Film

HPED 450: Curriculum and Programming in Sexuality Education

LGBT 400: Queer Theory

PLSC 405: Sexuality and the Law

PSYC 379: Psychology of Human Sexuality

SOC 251: Sociology of Human Sexuality

Other relevant courses may count as controlled electives with permission of LGBTQ Studies coordinator.