• Annuitant Rehire Form
    Complete this form to request the emergency rehire of a retiree from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
    Information about benefits and to Pennsylvania State System benefit summaries
    Classification Forms
    Job description form, management position description questionnaire form, request for classification review form, SCUPA classification appeals form, and SCUPA change in job duties form.
    Employee Performance Review Form
    Form for employees in the AFSCME, SPFPA, PSSU, and OPEIU bargaining units.
    Management Performance Appraisal and Development Goals Form
    All managers must complete the management performance appraisal and development (goals) form annually.  The form must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources by June 30 each year.
    Meal Payment Authorization Form
    Employees must complete this form to receive meal payment in accordance to their collective bargaining agreement.
    New Employee Loan Form
    The IUP New Employee Loan Program is to assist new employees who are experiencing financial difficulties associated with relocation.
    Overtime Forms
    The AFSCME compensatory time request form and statement of willingess to work overtime form.
    Request to Work From Home
    Business practice for managers requesting to work from home while on an approved leave of absence
    Search Forms and Documents
    Required forms and guidelines for conducting searches or requesting search waivers.