Why should I live in a Living Learning Community?

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are a great way to make friends with peers who have similar interests or academic majors.

Research shows that students who participate in an LLC have higher academic success rate, higher college graduate rates, higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience, and an easier time connecting with their peers (Association of American Colleges & Universities, 2010).

Students participating in a Living Learning Community enjoy considerable benefits

Benefits Include

  • Opportunity to interact with others who share a similar interests, academic program or personal goals.
  • Opportunity to participate in learning activities and experiences with themes related to your major or area of interest.
  • Living closer to classes in your college or major.
  • Informally participating in study groups, as well as discuss class projects, group assignment, and class notes with other students.
  • Frequent interaction and collaboration with faculty and staff outside of the classroom.
  • Greater academic support opportunities (convenient access to tutoring, Academic Success Mentorship program in the hall).
  • Enriching your overall academic and residential experience by being part of a supportive, "student-centered" living and learning environment.


"What I value most from my experience as a Living-Learning Partner is the opportunity to meet our students, . . . where they live. I know our students more wholly because I know them through our Living-Learning community."

-Dr. Dawn Smith-Sherwood, Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Foreign Languages

"Through living in Wallwork Hall's Global Awareness Living-Learning Community, I have greatly increased my knowledge and appreciation of cultures around the world."

-Adam Schrider, Class of 2017, Hospitality Management Major.

"Throughout my time at IUP, I have had the pleasure of living within three unique living learning communities. . . . LLCs allow students to truly get the most out of their education with interactive opportunities you simply don't get in the classroom."

-Megan Disher, Class of 2017, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Major.

"The Asian Studies Living Learning Community of IUP provides my students with an excellent venue to apply what they have learned beyond classrooms, and expand their learning through getting involved in the living learning community activities."

-Dr. Shijuan Liu, Assistant Professor of Chinese, Department of Foreign Languages

"I feel the greatest value of our living-learning program is the lifelong relationships that are developed within these communities."

-Dennis Giever, Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice.