Minor in English with a Focus on teaching

  • Are you pursuing teacher certification?
  • Do you want to know more about teaching reading and writing?
  • Are you interested in adding English Language Arts certification to an existing certification after you graduate?

The Program

This minor is designed to introduce you to key teaching concepts while also providing content knowledge relevant to teaching middle and high school English. Minoring in English with a focus on teaching is an ideal option if you are already working toward certification in your major but are interested in adding an additional certification after you graduate. It can also help prepare you to teach abroad after graduation. This mix of courses enables you to learn ways to foster your students' literacy in any subject while also deepening your understanding of literature, reading, and writing.

Course Selections

Introductory Course:
ENGL 122 Introduction to English Studies
OR substitute ENGL 121 Humanities Literature

Choose two literacy courses:
ENGL 314 Speech and Communication in the Secondary Classroom
ENGL 323 Teaching of Reading and Literature in the Secondary School
ENGL 324 Teaching and Evaluating Writing

Choose one language course:
ENGL 415 English Language Studies for Teachers
ENGL 426 ESL (English as a Second Language) Methods and Materials

Choose one survey course:
ENGL 210 British Literature to 1660
ENGL 211 British Literature 1660-1900
ENGL 212 American Literature to 1900
ENGL 213 British/American Literature 1900-Present

Choose one 300/400 level literature course:
Some possibilities include . . .
ENGL 340 The Novel
ENGL 341 Poetry
ENGL 342 Short Fiction
ENGL 348 African American Literature
ENGL 396 Literature of Emerging Nations
ENGL 418 Young Adult Literature


Daniel J. Weinstein, Director of Bachelor of Arts in English: