Because literary and film studies share many of the same principles, we strongly recommend (but do not require) ENGL 122 Literary Analysis. ENGL 208 The Art of the Film is required since it's a prerequisite for several other film courses:

  • ENGL 332 Film Genres
  • ENGL 450 Film Theory
  • ENGL 440 Major Figures in Film
  • ENGL 460 Topics in Film

In addition, particular offerings such as ENGL 399 Global Genres may also concentrate on film and would contribute to a minor with an emphasis in Film Studies.

With the exception of ENGL 208, these courses are not offered every semester, so you'll need to plan carefully to complete your 18-credit minor. Although we prefer that all your courses be fulfilled through the English department, we will consider accepting a relevant three-credit course from another department.

Keep in mind that these are only examples and suggestions. You are free to take a more"pick and choose"route to your minor in English as long as you keep in mind that many upper-level courses do have prerequisites to consider.