English Education, BSEd

Zach Morris giving presentation LEARNING TO LEAD A CLASSROOM: English Education major Zach Morris, class of 2015, teaches a sample lesson for his Teaching and Evaluating Writing class, while Professor Emily Wender offers advice. Says Morris,"She really has a knack for not only teaching, but teaching you how to teach."

Learn more about the English Education BSEd program, including course information and how to apply.

Specialized training in English Education gives you an edge

Challenging and rewarding, the English education major at IUP provides specialized training for students who wish to teach English at the secondary level.

IUP's reputation in English education is recognized in Pennsylvania and beyond for excellence in preparing teachers for today's classrooms, for future graduate studies, and for a lifelong professional career.

The BSEd in English education certifies graduates to teach secondary English in Pennsylvania and at least 33 other states.

Graduates planning to seek employment in a state other than Pennsylvania are advised to check the specific requirements for that state.

English education majors fulfill all the requirements for state certification, including

  • practical experience in methods courses and 15 weeks as a student teacher;
  • content preparation in a variety of literature, language, and composition courses; and
  • philosophical background in current theories of teaching.

Although most students choosing an English Education major will be best prepared for the secondary school classroom, those who opt not to teach will find their speaking, writing, and management skills may also be applied to jobs in the media and in business.

English Education Handbook

This handbook contains information essential to English Education majors. It covers requirements for entering the teacher education program and for steps that must be completed along the way.